Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day One-in transit

Our day started at 2:30 AM when we all met at the airport for our 4:30 AM flight
From Saipan to Guam

From Saipan to Guam

Taking our things from the Saipan airplane into the Guam airport.

From Guam to Saipan

From Guam to Saipan

From our airport shuttle in Japan into our hotel.

From our hotel to the field.

To the game with all our supplies!
Then back to the Hotel again after the game where we SLEPT in our super comfortable beds after amazing food all day!

We are in Japan!

At Saipan International Airport

We have arrived safely in Japan and have one warm up game under our belt. We played the Japan United Football Club U18's in a game composed of 3 - 30 minute periods. Everyone on the team had an opportunity to play. This morning we have practice. Tonight at 8:00 PM under the lights we will play the Japan United Football Club Women's Team. Unfortunately, I do not have game pictures to post. Hopefully we can get some posted soon.

Our local paper had another great article about the CNMI WNT this morning:

CNMI female strikers leave for EAFF tourney

Members of the CNMI Women's Football Team pose with coach Sugao Kambe, standing right, for a group photo before they left for Japan early yesterday morning. (Roselyn B. Monroyo) The CNMI Women's Football Team left Saipan early yesterday morning for the East Asian Football Federation Women's Football Championship 2010 Semifinals Competition in Tainan City, Taiwan.

The team is composed of Natalie Hill, Madison Smith, Carrie Knight, Angela Shyrack, Meaghan Hassel-Shearer, Brenda Schultz, Linday Davis, Melody Matson, Zoe Jewell, Katie Peters, Michiko Tenorio, Patricia Coleman, Brianna Martin, Amber Roberts, Rebecca Newman, Maryana Gramlich, Amanda Allen, Emily Gries, Elisa Fejeran, and Felicia McFarland. Northern Mariana Islands Football Association technical director Sugao Kambe is the team's coach.

Kambe and his female strikers boarded a 4am flight that would take them first to Chiba, Japan before they go to Taiwan. Joining them are NMIFA officials Ken Imaya and Elna Curate and staff Sarah Brostom.

In Japan, the CNMI bets were scheduled to duel the JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies U-18 yesterday afternoon for an exhibition game. Today, the CNMI Women's Football Team will collide against the JEF United's Ichihara Chiba Ladies.

The Commonwealth's female strikers will leave Japan tomorrow in time for the EAFF tournament, which will run from Aug. 22 to 30.

The CNMI Women's Football Team will play against South Korea, Guam, Hong Kong, and host Chinese-Taipei. All of CNMI's foes are world-ranked teams, so the Commonwealth will be the underdog in the field.

However, despite the least favorite tag in the tournament, the CNMI female strikers vowed to put on a good show in Taiwan.

“We are a very young FA so expectations from us are not high, but we want to make our coach, the NMIFA, our fans and our island proud. Coach Kambe has put so much time and effort into helping us to prepare. I think I speak for the team when I say that we plan to show our appreciation to him by playing hard every minute of every game. We will play to the best of our abilities,” said Davis, who is the team's captain.

This will be Davis and company's first international tournament and they need to stick together to hurdle the big task ahead.

“We haven't even played enough international games to earn a ranking. It would be unrealistic to think that we can beat them, but we can play hard, never give up and do our best to contain them. We have to play smart defense and that means staying organized as a team and playing aggressively in one-on-one situations. We need to make sure we don't let up for 90 minutes. Soccer is a physically demanding sport, but we also have to be mentally prepared to push ourselves beyond what we think is possible,” the team captain added.

On a personal note, Davis said she is excited to play against some of the world-ranked teams in the region.

“I am honored to represent the CNMI at this level. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and we plan to give it everything we've got,” she said.

The CNMI will play its first game in the EAFF tournament against Guam on Aug. 22 and then challenge Hong Kong on Aug. 24. On Aug. 26, the Commonwealth will take on South Korea, while the CNMI's last game will be against host Chinese-Taipei on Aug. 28.

The winner of the nine-day tournament will advance to the championship round to be played in Tokyo, Japan next year. China, Japan, and North Korea have already reserved slots to the championship round.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CNMI WNT In the news

More off-island missions for athletes

Members of the  CNMI Women's National Football Team perform warm-up drills during a training session at the Oleai Sports Complex Field on Thursday. (Roselyn B. Monroyo) The next batches of CNMI athletes who are scheduled to compete in off-island tournaments left Saipan last week, promising more achievements for the Commonwealth.

First to leave were sprinters' Yvonne Bennett and Clayton Kenty, who are in Berlin, Germany for the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

Actually, Bennett and Kenty have been off-island since Aug. 3, as they first participated in the Oceania Regional Championships/Micronesian Athletics Championships in Queensland, Australia from Aug. 4 to 8. They left the Land Down Under on Aug. 9, but while their 10 other teammates returned to Saipan last Monday, Bennett and Kenty just had a stopover in Guam for a connecting flight to Germany.

Kenty and Bennett, who helped the Commonwealth ruled the MAC, ousting erstwhile champion Guam, were set to compete in the 100m qualifying races last Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Several thousands away from the Bennett and Kenty were eight CNMI junior tennis players, who are now in Lautoka, Fiji for the 2009 Pacific Oceania Junior Championships.

Thea and Theecel Minor, Christian Miller, Rafael Jones, Benjie Decena, Melody Johnson, and Jodel Fernandez left Saipan last Wednesday with coach Jeff Race. The seven CNMI netters will join teammate Ji Hoon Heo in anchoring the North Pacific Team against the East and West squads for the POJC overall title. Heo planed in to Fiji from New Caledonia.

The POJC will start today and will run until Aug. 22. The CNMI netters will stay in Fiji for a few more days after the POJC to compete in another tournament.

The last batch of Commonwealth athletes to leave Saipan for an off-island competition was the CNMI Junior All-Star Team.

The squad is composed of Christian Mizer, Jeremy and Henry Rabauliman, Lamarc Iguel, Frankie Camacho, Ricardo Dela Cruz, Aldelbert Lizama, Brian Camacho, Alan Aguon, Jared Sablan, Patrick Tenorio, Arthur Jebehn, and Poland Masaharu. The 13 CNMI youth sluggers will be competing in the World Series in Taylor Michigan. Joining the CNMI Junior All-Stars in the World Series are coaches Oliver Secharmidal and Bernard Cabrera and team manager Thelma Mizer.

The CNMI Junior All-Stars were scheduled to debut in this year's World Series against Friuli Venezia Giulia LL of Italy yesterday.

Also headed for an off-island tournament was the CNMI Women's Football Team, which will be leaving Saipan tomorrow.

The CNMI Women's Football Team were named last week and making it on the list were Natalie Hill, Madison Smith, Carrie Knight, Angela Shyrack, Meaghan Hassel-Shearer, Brenda Schultz, Linday Davis, Melody Matson, Zoe Jewell, Katie Peters, Michiko Tenorio, Patricia Coleman, Brianna Martin, Amber Roberts, Rebecca Newman, Maryana Gramlich, Amanda Allen, Emily Gries, Elisa Fejeran, and Felicia McFarland.

They will first go to Japan tomorrow for two exhibition games before going to Tainan City, Taiwan, for the Championship 2010 Semifinals Competition.

With several CNMI athletes off-island, basketball leagues were able to dominate the local sports last week.

The 2009 IT&E Inter-Government/Business Basketball League kicked off at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium with host and defending champion IT&E winning over Public School System in the season-opener, 75-57.

IT&E won its second game against Bank of Guam, 104-70, to take the temporary lead in the 12-team league. Other winners in the first week of the government-business caging were Docomo, PSS, Micronesian Brokers, Inc., and Commonwealth Health Center.

Still in basketball, the 7th United Filipino Organization Inter-Organizational Basketball League started its playoff games last week with defending champion Samahang Ilokano at Pangasinense earning a return trip to the finals in the open division.

In the masters division, Cabalen and NMBA advanced to the semifinals, joining Bayani and Boholanos. Cabalen and Bayani’s semis duel last Saturday was rained-out and will be scheduled this week. The University of Loyola and Raffy's Diner-supported Boholanos were to collide against NMBA-Ebisuya last night for the first finals berth in the masters division.

Natibu was assured of a slot in the Saipan leg of the 2009 Budweiser King and Queen of the Diamonds Softball Tournament after advancing to the finals of the second KOD qualifier.

Natibu bowed to Advance X-Terminators in the finals, 3-18, but since the latter topped the first qualifier and had gained the first KOD ticket, the former was given the second seat.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

WNT on the News

KSPN 2 News featured a story on the CNMI WNT and the upcoming tournament Thursday night. Lindsay, Zoe, Madison, and Natalie were all interviewed. Check it out below.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CNMI Women's Football Team Named

CNMI Women's Football Team named

Northern Marianas Islands Football Association technical director and CNMI coach Sugao Kambe, in an e-mail to Saipan Tribune, said members of the Commonwealth's team were selected after more than three months of rigorous training.

Making it to the CNMI Women's National Team are Natalie Hill, Madison Smith, Carrie Knight, Angela Shyrack, Meaghan Hassel-Shearer, Brenda Schultz, Linday Davis, Melody Matson, Zoe Jewell, Katie Peters, Michiko Tenorio, Patricia Coleman, Brianna Martin, Amber Roberts, Rebecca Newman, Maryana Gramlich, Amanda Allen, Emily Gries, Elisa Fejeran, and Felicia McFarland.

Several members of the team, like Schultz, Davis, Newman, Coleman, Fejeran, and Gries, had been selected to play for the CNMI against Guam in the past years. The team also had a few mixed of high school players in Jewell, Roberts, Gramlich, Tenorio, and Smith, and the rest of its members are regulars in the NMIFA's leagues.

Kambe devised a three-stage training regimen for the team to prepare them for the EAFF event, which will run from Aug. 22 to 30 and will also feature teams from Guam, Hong Kong, South Korea, and host Chinese-Taipei.

The first stage, according to the CNMI Coach, focused on individually skills for technical and tactical aspects of the game. The second part was about functional (positional) training and basic endurance training, while the last leg was putting into practice what they have learned and final conditioning.

Kambe said that by the time the three stages are completed at the end of this week, he believes his wards are all set for their first international tournament.

“Their conditioning [physically and mentally] is getting better every practice session and I believe they are ready to play,” Kambe said.

The CNMI Women's National Team will leave Saipan four days before the EAFF tournament, as they will play two exhibition matches in Chiba, Japan before going to Taiwan. The team will leave for Japan on Aug. 18. and on the same day in the afternoon the CNMI's female strikers will challenge the JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies U-18. On Aug. 19, the CNMI bets will take on JEF United's Ichihara Chiba Ladies.

In the EAFF tournament in Taiwan, the CNMI's female strikers will debut against Guam on Aug. 22 and will duel Hong Kong in their second game on Aug. 24. South Korea will be the CNMI's third assignment on Aug. 26 and the Commonwealth bets will close out the round-robin tournament with a meeting against host Chinese-Taipei on Aug. 28.

The winner of the nine-day tournament will join China, Japan, and North Korea in the championship round to be played in Tokyo, Japan next year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are The CNMI Women's National Team!

A math teacher with a passion for dancing, a Rock Band enthusiast, a surfer, a mother of three, a lawyer, a clubmate, an honor student, a volleyball player, a daughter, a singer in the church choir, a teacher, an animal saver, one of Boston's 30 under 30, a basketball player, a cookie baker, a scuba diver, a wife, a Cherry Blossom Princess, an island girl.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Running outside the field so we don't damage it.

Carrie, Nikki, Katie, and Natalie demonstrate the power of Pilates!

Working on our core strength.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Players for the EAFF Women's Football Championship 1010 Semi-Final Competition Announced

Players are listed in order by number

#1 Melody Matson
#2 Felicia Mcfarland
#3 Natalie Hill
#4 Madison Smith
#5 Carrie Knight
#6 Lindsay Davis
#7 Nikki Shryack Gabaldon
#8 Meaghan Hassel-Shearer
#9 Brenda Schultz
#10 Emily Gries
#11 Elisa Fejeran
#12 Zoe Jewell
#13 Katie Peters
#14 Michi Tenorio
#15 Patricia Coleman
#16 Brianna Martin
#17 Amber Roberts
#18 Rebecca Newman
#19 Maryana Gramlich
#20 Amanda Allen

Sugao Kambe Head Coach
Kentaro Imaya Head of Delegation
Sarah Yap Brostrom Team Manager
Lynn Tenorio Asst Team Manager
Greg Borja Team Official
Glenn Smith Team Official
Elna Curate Team Official

The Delegation will report to Training Camp in Narita Japan then from there they will go to the tournament in Tainan, Taiwan

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CNMI WNT Players help at Youth Camp

NMIFA completes kids clinic

Participants in the 2009 NMIFA Kids Clinic had a scrimmage last Wednesday at the Oleai Sports Complex Field. (Roselyn B. Monroyo) Northern Mariana Islands Football Association concluded its five-day kids clinic last Friday with around 50 children learning the basics of sport at the Oleai Sports Complex Field.

The clinic, which started last Monday, drew participants in 10-and-under age groups and had CNMI National coach and NMIFA technical director Sugao Kambe as instructor. Kambe was assisted by CNMI players Brenda Schultz, Patricia Coleman, and Michico Tenorio.

Kambe said the 8-and-under age group attracted the most participants with 18. Fifteen kids attended the five-day clinic for the 6-and-under age group, while the 10-and-under age group had 16 participants.

Each age group had separate sessions and Kambe and company introduced different topics per session.

In the 6-and-under age group, Kambe spent the Monday session of the clinic on introducing the sport and emphasizing that the ball is the players' friend. In the second day, kids were taught how to play the ball and on the third day, they learned about the goal. The penultimate day of the clinic focused on teaching kids the value of team work and after learning the basic of the sport, they were given an opportunity to play a couple of games in the last day.

For the 8 and 10-and-under participants, Monday's session also evolved on introduction to football. In the second day, they learned how to dribble and feint. Wednesday's session was about kicking and heading, while Thurday's featured trapping, receiving, and throwing in drills. In the last day of the clinic, participants were taught to score.

“From the looks on their faces, I can say that the kids truly enjoyed the clinic. They had fun and at the same time learned a few tips on how to play the game,” Kambe said.

“I hope they will continue to enjoy the game and play in future tournaments,” the CNMI coach added.

NMIFA is holding various tournaments for kids every year. A few months ago, it hosted the 2009 NMIFA Youth Football Festival, which drew a record of more than 500 players.

These players came from the five football clubs on the island, namely the Matansa Football Club, Independent FC, MP United, Tan Holdings FC, and Paire Football Club.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This weeks practices focused on transitions! It must have worked because we had some beautiful goals in today's scrimmage! We also received many compliments from the men's team specifically on how solid our defense was!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CNMI WNT on the News

Last night the local TV station aired a story on the WNT. They showed clips from our practice (including running) and interviewed Captain Lindsay, Coach Kambe, and Melody. Saturday afternoon at 4:30 we have our second scrimmage.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

East Asian Football Federation Women's Championship 2010 Semi-final

Tournament Summary

Organiser East Asian Football Federation (EAFF)
Host Association Chinese Taipei Football Association
Competition Date and Venue 22~30 August 2009 in Chinese Taipei (Tainan County)
Stadium Tainan County Stadium, Tainan County
Participating Associations Chinese Taipei (Organiser), Guam, Hong Kong-China, Korea Rep.,Northern Mariana Islands
Match Schedule 22 Aug (Sun) 16:30 Guam vs. Northern Mariana Islands
19:00 Chinese Taipei vs. Hong Kong-China
24 Aug (Mon) 16:30 Hong Kong-China vs. Northern Mariana Islands
19:00 Guam vs. Korea Rep.
26 Aug (Wed) 16:30 Chinese Taipei vs. Guam
19:00 Korea Rep. vs. Northern Mariana Islands
28 Aug (Thu) 16:30 Chinese Taipei vs. Northern Mariana Islands
19:00 Korea Rep. vs. Hong Kong-China
30 Aug (Sun) 16:30 Guam vs. Hong Kong-China
19:00 00 Chinese Taipei vs. Korea Rep.
Prize Money 1st: USD30,000 2nd: USD20,000 3rd: USD15,000 4th: USD10,000 5th: USD5,000
Mode of Competition and System to Break a Tie 1.Teams will earn three (3) points for a win and one (1) point for a draw.
2.The ranking of each team will be determined by greatest number of points obtained in all matches; goal difference in all matches; greatest number of goals scored in all matches.
3.If two (2) or more teams are equal on the basis of the above criteria, their rankings will be determined by:
  1) between the teams concerned (1) the greatest number of points obtained in their matches, (2) goal difference,( 3) greater number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned.
 2( penalty kicks if only two teams are involved and they are both on the field of play
 3) drawing lots by the EAFF.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Images from our first scrimmage

Toi, Mel, Patti, Natalie, and Michi take a break.

Emily and Amber keeping it away from the men.

Chalk talk with Coach Kambe

The team discusses strategy

Captain Lindsay talking to the team.

Brenda and Dale race for the ball.

Friday, July 17, 2009

1-2-3- C-N-M-I-Women!

Friday night practice

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ms Kamikaze in the News!

Ms. Kamikaze is into soccer

Stephanie Camacho, seen here with her pet dog,  said playing football is one of the greatest things she had done. (Contributed photo) Sports runs in the family of female striker Stephanie Camacho so it's not surprising to see her play one.

Stephanie is the daughter of CNMI veteran golf and perennial winner Joe “Kamikaze” Camacho and a cousin of CNMI Men's National player Norman Camacho.

She is the goalkeeper of the Paire Football Club's girls' 18-and-under team, which took the championship in the 2000 NMIFA Youth Spring Football League. The younger Camacho is also part of the CNMI training pool, on which 20 players will be selected to represent the Commonwealth to the EAFF Women's Football Championship 2010 Semifinals Competition in Tainan City, Taiwan next month.

“The person who encouraged me to start playing was my cousin Norman Camacho, who is also a member of the men's national team. My mom was also a great influence, as she is always there for me, cheering for me during games,” the 14-year-old player said.

Like any first-timer of a sport, Camacho said she had a share of trying times when she was just beginning to play the game in 2007. However after two years, she is now doing well and is thankful for the sport's positive influence on her life.

“Most of my teammates always tell me that I have developed good goal keeping skills and become a good defender. However, there is always room for improvement, so I wish I could play as a forward and get over with my fear of playing that position,” Camacho said.

“One of the good things that football has done to me is once I step foot on the field and get my game going, I feel stress-free. Stress is not the kind of thing that you bring on the field, fun and a positive attitude are,” the Hopwood Junior High School graduate said.

The incoming Marianas High School freshman also liked the concept of being with a team and the opportunities that comes her way while playing football.

“Through football, I am able to meet a lot of new people. It's a great experience playing for Paire in the women's and youth leagues and at the same time making it to the CNMI training pool. It's a great opportunity for a young player like me to eventual play in an off-island tournament. Playing football is one of the greatest things I've ever done in my life,” Camacho said.

The young female striker is hoping more youth will join football or any other sport and when they do, she advised them be patient in their first few games or training sessions.

“If you really find a sport interesting, join a team. You will never know what opportunities will come your way when you started to get involved with it,” Camacho said.

“For future football players who may encounter difficulties in their game or at their practice, don't pressure yourself too much, have a positive attitude, and have fun. Fun is what makes a sport a great experience,” the Paire goalie said.

A Scrimmage!

Saturday at 4:30 we will have our first scrimmage in preparation for Taiwan at Ada. Come on down and cheer for us! We've been working on tactics a lot this week.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Athlete of the Month: Becca Newman!

Blast from the Past. This was a while back but it is important to celebrate the success of our teammates even if it is overdue!!! Good job Becca. We are proud of you and are really glad you tend our nets!

NMASA spreads out monthly honors

Northern Marianas Swimming Federation's Rezne Wong and Northern Mariana Islands Football Association's Becca Newman were named the Male and Female Athletes of the Month, while Christian Miller of the Northern Mariana Islands Tennis Association and Lia Rangamar of the Northern Marianas Athletics earned the Male and Female Student Athletes of the Month. The Northern Marianas Amateur Sports Association spread the wealth Thursday night when it awarded Athletes of the Month honors to four athletes from different sports.

Northern Marianas Swimming Federation's Rezne Wong and Northern Mariana Islands Football Association's Becca Newman were named the Male and Female Athletes of the Month, while Christian Miller of the Northern Mariana Islands Tennis Association and Lia Rangamar of the Northern Marianas Athletics earned the Male and Female Student Athletes of the Month.

Wong, who is a member of Tsunami Swimming Center Saipan, competed in the 2008 GSF All Island Invitational Swim Meet last Aoril 26 at the Hagatna Pool in Guam.

The Marianas High School student finished first in the 200m individual medley with a time of 2:17.46 and also topped the 100m backstroke after touching the tile in 1:08.38. He competed in the open division.

His time in the 200m IM was just a second and change off the CNMI age group record of 2:16.56 set in 2003 by Dean Palacios. Wong’s 100m backstroke, meanwhile, was just tenths of a second off Juan Camacho’s record-setting pace of 1:07.03 he recorded in 2006.

Wong also finished second in the 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle with times of 29.18, which is just .17 off the 29.01 record of Seung Jin Lee in 2001, and 26.18 almost comparable to the 25.68 set by the immortal John Sakovich way back in 1987.

Newman, meanwhile, helped the unranked CNMI Women's National Football team force Guam to a surprising scoreless draw in last weekend's 2nd Annual Marianas Cup football match held at the Civic Center Field inside the Susupe Sports Complex.

Newman, playing as goalkeeper, put up a defensive wall at the CNMI goal against a Guam team that is ranked 75th in the world. Her impressive stint earned her the tournament most valuable player honors, which were voted on by members of both teams.

She had a total of 17 saves including a number of key stops in the two overtime periods that could have allowed Guam to escape with the win. This was also Newman's second time as a member of the CNMI national team.

Aside from being a member of the Women's Nationals, Newman also serves as a Women's Football Committee member, treasurer of the Paire Football Club, Under-8 coach, and captain of her Women's Football League team.

Miller, for his part, earned the CNMI top ranking in the boys' 13-and-under division after winning the Spectrum Electric-Marianas Medical Center CNMI Junior Championships in both the singles and doubles events.

The singles and doubles titles in the junior championships were also Miller's fourth crown in April. He won the Under-13 title in the junior championships after a 6-3, 6-1 win against Nathan Nutting then teamed up with Daniel Camacho to score a 6-4, 6-0 triumph against brothers Jake and Aaron Lee in the doubles event in last week's finals.

Early last month, Miller avenged his Coconut Classic loss to Rafael Jones to claim the Pacific Islands Club-Gatorade Tennis Tournament 13-and-under crown with a hard-earned 5-7, 6-1, 7-5 win.

Miller will be the CNMI's top-ranked player heading into the International Tennis Federation-North Pacific Qualifying Event from June 16 to 20 in Guam.

NMA's Rangamar earned the female student honors after a dominating performance in last month's preliminary trials in the 4th Annual McDonald’s All-Schools Track and Field Championship.

The 13-year-old multi-event athlete is coming of age and proved this when she competed against other athletes who are in the high school division. She set national age group records in the 200m run, javelin, and discus throw as well as finished in the Top 3 of three more events.

She clocked in 30.96 seconds in the 200m run, and threw distances of 27.48m and 22m in the javelin and discus throw.

Aside from breaking age group records, Rangamar also topped the 400m run with a time of 1:12.23, placed second in long jump with a jump of 3.75m, then cleared the bar in high jump with a height of 1.25m for another second place finish.

Other nominees for last month's sports plums were NMA's Jessie Brel, Jericho Cruz, and Jacque Wonenberg, NMITA's Amy Arenovski, NMSF's Carol Lynn Pierce, Kaito Yanai, and Fumika Umeda, and NMIFA's Joe Miller.


In honor of Emily's return we all wore our cut-out sleeve t-shirts. She is famous for this style on Saipan! Coach Kambe joined in too!

5.5 weeks until we leave for Taiwan!

Spirits are high and we continue to improve. Players are returning from summer trips and the excitement is escalating! So far we are healthy and working to improve our fitness. On Saturday we will have our first scrimmage in preparation for the upcoming games. Our scrimmages will be at Ada at 4:30 PM every Saturday and on Wednesdays beginning August 5th at 5PM same place. Come cheer for us!

Our player pool for this tournament is:
Amanda Allen
Jennifer Brown
Erica Bruyako
Stephanie Camacho
Patricia Coleman
Lindsay Davis
Elisa Fejeran
Nikki Gabaldon
Maryana Gramlich
Emily Gries
Meaghan Hassel-Shearer
Natalie Hill
Zoe Jewell
Brianna Martin
Melody Matson
Felicia McFarland
Becca Newman
Katie Peters
Amber Roberts
Carrie Schuler
Brenda Schultz
Madison Smith
Toi Smith
Michi Tenorio

Peter Bonser Photos of some CNMI National Team players from The Women's league

Natalie throws in the ball

Meaghan, Toi, and Maryana

Maryana Dribbling

Maryana and Toi

Katie defending

Meaghan passes to Toi

Maryana and Bri




Saipan Tribune July 11, 2009

CNMI female strikers prep up for EAFF semifinals

Youth player Marya Oestreich, who played as goalie in one of their training sessions this year, kicks the ball, while Patty Coleman looks on. The CNMI female strikers are preparing for the East Asian Football Federation Women's Football Championship 2010 Semifinals Competition in Tainan City, Taiwan next month. (Roselyn B. Monroyo) The CNMI Women's National Team will be playing two exhibition games in Japan in preparation for their participation in the East Asian Football Federation Women's Football Championship 2010 Semifinals Competition in Tainan City, Taiwan.

The EAFF semifinals will run from Aug. 22 to 30 with four other countries joining the CNMI female strikers in the tournament, namely Guam, Hong Kong, South Korea, and host Chinese-Taipei.

CNMI coach and Northern Mariana Islands Football Association technical director Sugao Kambe said he has 24 players in the pool and 20 will be named to the CNMI Women's National Team on July 20.

Kambe added they will have a scrimmage against a JEF United Ichihara Chiba Lady's Team when they stay in Japan from Aug. 18 to 20.

The scrimmage against JEF United Ichihara Chiba is part of the last eight weeks of rigorous training for the CNMI female strikers. The CNMI coach said they started preparing for the EAFF tournament third week of March this year and divided the training in three terms.

“The objective of the first term (March 23-May 28) was to enhance individually skills for technical and tactical parts. We also focused on coordination and agility skills,” Kambe said.

“The second term (June 8-28) was functional (positional) training and basic endurance training. For example, defender focused on how to defend around penalty area. Attacker tried finishing any kinds of shooting. Endurance was about basic aerobic running,” he added.

Kambe said the third term (June 29-August 20) will be the most important, as its objectives are to teach and practice team tactics and conditioned the players for the tough grind ahead.

This will be the first time that the CNMI female strikers will be competing in an international tournament. In the past the CNMI only played friendly games against Guam.

“We are a new team and it will be our first time to join an international tournament. At this time, results are not important, the exposure in an international level of competition is,” Kambe said.

“However, we must do our very best in every game. We are not so strong individually and technically, but we are very familiar with each other and can make tactical discipline stronger. It will be very hard, but our players have a lot of heart. I hope they will never give up until the final whistle,” Kambe said.

Kambe's wards are a mixed of high school and adult players who are regulars of the various local leagues. The team practices three times a day at the Commonwealth Ports Authority Field.

The CNMI female strikers' first game in Taiwan will be against Guam on Aug 22. The last three will be against Hong Kong on Aug. 24, South Korea on Aug. 26, and Chinese Taipei on Aug. 28.

The winner of the nine-day tournament will join China, Japan, and North Korea in the championship round to be played in Tokyo, Japan next year.

Saipan Tribune

EAFF president Ogura visits N. Marianas

Ogura East Asian Football Federation president Junji Ogura of Japan made a brief visit to Saipan over the weekend and gave an update on Northern Mariana Islands Football Association's application for membership in the Asian Football Confederation.

Ogura arrived on Saipan Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning NMIFA president Jerry Tan accompanied the EAFF president to the Oleai Sports Complex Field.

“We are honored to have Mr. Oguro on Saipan. This visit gave us a chance to show him how we do things here for the development of football,” Tan said.

“We also take this opportunity to thank him for giving us technical and financial assistance. He has been very helpful in bringing a new coach for our nationals teams, providing seminars for referees and coaches, and donating equipment to the association,” the NMIFA head added.

While watching the CNMI Men's Football Team in its last training session on Saipan before leaving for Guam, Tan also briefed Ogura about the Oleai field and other facilities NMIFA is using for its tournaments.

Tan explained all these facilities are not owned by NMIFA, thus it will be very important for the association to have its own fields through the help of EAFF, AFC, and FIFA in the future.

Ogura in an interview with Saipan Tribune said they may have some good news for NMIFA this summer as far as the association's application for membership to AFC is concerned.

“The Oceania Football Confederation will be having a meeting this June and in that meeting, we will be seeking the 'permission or release' of Northern Mariana Islands from their zone, so NMIFA can proceed with its application for AFC membership,” Ogura said.

“We are positive that OFC will grant permission to the CNMI,” he added.

But Ogura reminded NMIFA that the association has a lot of things to do to gain membership to AFC.

“First is to have various football clubs. There should be teams in various age groups and men's and women's adults divisions. Having regular programs for schools are also factors that will affect NMIFA's application for membership to AFC. Trained coaches and referees are needed, too. Lastly, you need facilities,” Oguro said.

Ogura, who is a senior vice president for Japan Football Association and an executive committee member of AFC and FIFA, said when all these things are put into place, he is confident NMIFA will be granted membership to AFC.

Ogura left Saipan Monday morning to watch the East Asian Football Championship 2010 Preliminary Competition in Guam. The tournament will run from March 11 to 15 at the Leo Palace Resort with the CNMI, Guam, Mongolia, and Macau battling for a slot to EAFF's semifinal round, which will be played this August in Taiwan.

Peter Bonser Photos from the 2009 Marianas Cup

CNMI WNT for Marianas Cup 2009
top: Marya, Michi, Maryana, Meaghan, Madison, Patty, Bri, Toi, Becca, Carrie, Katie
bottom: Amber, Brenda, Nikki, Lindsay, Natalie, Lindsey, Zoe

Carrie, Madison, and Lindsey keep control of the ball.

Katie and Nikki fight to keep possession.

14 year old Michi battles for the ball.

Toi dribbling as Michi supports.

Zoe in motion.

Carrie goes in for the shot!!!!

Becca saves another one.

Patty getting ready for the long pass.

Madison going in for the ball.

Hairy Scary!

Lindsay challenges Guam for the ball.

Michi challenges as Maryana supports.

Meaghan is determined.

Never say never.

Katie wins another challenge.

Natalie in motion